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  •  Nor Is It Effective Politics, Sfbob (3+ / 0-)

    Defeating demagogues requires more than hurling epitaphs; actually it requires self-discipline, skill and wisely choosing your battles.

    Here is a perfect example of what I mean.

    •  Hmm (2+ / 0-)
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      GreenPA, Frank Cocozzelli

      Did you mean epithets? Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck seem to thrive on invective.

    •  Understood Frank.. (1+ / 0-)
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      Frank Cocozzelli

      How do we defeat these people?

      I've read a few theories over the years, but I'm interested in your thoughts..

      There are some who say America is getting more religiously diverse, and time will defeat them. I sense you would disagree saying this underestimates them?

      Another theory is many of the RR voters don't make a lot of money, and if Democrats would move to the left on the economy some of them would vote for us.
      That may be the Thomas Frank approach we need to fight their cultural populism with the "real deal" economic populism..

      I'm sure there are others..

      "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" - Dorothy Day

      by joedemocrat on Sun Sep 19, 2010 at 03:28:49 PM PDT

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      •  Oops apologize.. (1+ / 0-)
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        Frank Cocozzelli

        I thought I had read your diary, but I had not..

        I read Frederick's and Troutfishing's and have been switching screens on comments..and thought I had read this one but hadn't..

        Actually, you answer some of this in the diary here

        had explained why Keynesian economics - an economic philosophy against which conservatives since Reagan have railed against  -- is far superior to the laissez-faire approach of the culture warriors. Better yet, I wish he had exposed some of the theocrats named in his book for their shameful abuse of faith to mask an oligarchic economic agenda. It is a far better thing to expose how these characters by explaining how they betray their ostensibly Christian values than resorting to demagogic name calling.

        In other words, tell the truth and expose how the leaders of this movement use religious issues to mask trickle down economics and how trickle down economics is inconsistent with christianity?

        But boy it seems difficult to break through this if you look at the last few decades..I've known some religious right voters in my life. My observation is they trust anything labeled "Christian" such as Christian TV/radio, a pastor, so if Christian media says vote Republican they do it. They don't trust anything "of the world" so until you are credible with them they don't listen to anything you say..

        dont know what that observation is worth or how common it is..

        "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" - Dorothy Day

        by joedemocrat on Sun Sep 19, 2010 at 03:43:51 PM PDT

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    •  Got any examples from this century? (0+ / 0-)
    •  Your problem is your desire for censorship (0+ / 0-)

      That only a few narrow types of books should be written. I suggest you become an author and start writing those books. Then think about the First Amendment.

      Do militant extremist Christians write their books with you in mind?

      "Too big to fail" is not too big to jail.

      by Angela Quattrano on Mon Sep 20, 2010 at 09:42:07 AM PDT

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