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View Diary: American Taliban is an Oxymoron (131 comments)

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    Frank Cocozzelli, joedemocrat

    is currently facing a threat from extremist backlash these days but unlike the late sixties when the Weathermen from the Left blew up buildings killing people it is all coming from the Right (see Dr. Tiller's death and the Hutare Militia as examples of conservative Christian extremists who may more rightly be mocked and labeled as our "American Taliban").

    HOWEVER: These people are a minuscule example of people even on the far right and trying to match the rabid brain dead in their extremist rhetoric IS a mistake.

    It is divisive and holds out very little chance for progressives to achieve our goals of weakening and undermining conservatism as you rightly pointed out, Frank.

    This kind of rhetoric is unnecessarily problematic for the Left.  

    I hope Markos gets it eventually on this point for all our sake.

    I want a sandwich!

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