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  •  The state of our politics (8+ / 0-)

    It is truly depressing that one of the two major parties in the U.S. — one that happens to be poised to gain control of the legislative power, or at least total ability to block any and all legislation — bases its political appeal on an unalloyed tissue of lies and bigoted fear mongering. Republicans’ true mission, of course, is to protect the privileges of the wealthy, but as that would not likely attract a majority of voters, they invent an alternate reality: global warming is a hoax, federal deficits are caused by giveaways to lazy shiftless dark people, Islamic terrorists are taking over the country, slight increases on marginal tax rates for extremely wealthy people will cost you your job, same sex marriage will make God send earthquakes, etc. They have sufficient money and media infrastructure to persuade a large segment of the population that we are not living in the universe in which we actually live. And it’s working.


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