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    Republicans will benefit because they are the most likely "other" vote, not because they are beloved. They haven't earned it. It's one of those cases where you benefit simply by being there.

    People are not voting Repug because they love the Repugs.  They are voting for the Repugs because they don't want to vote for us and they have no other alternative but to vote Repug or stay home.

    And that is why ranting and railing about how bad the Repugs are, simply doesn't help us.  People already KNOW the Repugs are awful. They want an alternative to the Repugs--and we are not giving it to them. When we roll over and capitulate and surrender and act like Repug-Lites on every major issue, then people will rightly conclude that we simply are not an alternative, and voting for one or the other simply doesn't change anything.

    That is OUR fault, and nobody else's.

    If Dems grew some balls and started acting like Dems, then maybe people would have a reason to vote for Dems.

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