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View Diary: WI-Sen/WI-Gov: Dems hurting with six weeks to go (406 comments)

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  •  i don't know whst's more frustrating... (1+ / 0-)
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    the piss poor communications of Obama team/Dem Congress or the flaky attitude of D voters.

    Can anyone tell me how long it took the US to get back to a full recovery after the Great Depression? After the '81-2 recession? Was it less that a year, cause that's how long it's been since this recession officially ended, or 15 months, right? What the fuck to people expect?

    And the media/indie voter has bought the "no no no" anthem of the Rs. And Gibbs has the charm of a fucking #2 pencil.

    And we Ds sit on our ass laugh off the Tea party as they out organize us. Where were our marches for real HC reform? Where are our marches to keep feds out of our emails/phone calls? Obama's victory was the beginning, not the end.

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