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  •  I still cannot believe the Ds won't vote on this.. (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean
    ... before the election.
    Let me get this straight:  a healthy majority of all voters agree with the Democratic position on tax cuts -- that they should be extended on annual income up to $250,000, but not beyond that.  And even among people who actually earn more than $250k per year (the ones who would be subject to slightly higher tax rates -- all the way up to the Clinton-era rates!) even they support the Democratic position.  This vote would extend tax cuts to every American voter just before an election, and would demonstrate which party stands with all of the people (the Dems) and which opposes the interests of nearly all of the people to side with the richest 2% (the Rs).
    This vote would also highlight Republican obstructionism in Congress (by which a minority thwarts the will of the majority, yet again) AND it would highlight Republican hypocrisy on the deficit -- the issue that the Rs always use, over and over and over again, to oppose any common-sense proposal (like extending unemployment benefits to those thrown out of work during the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes).

    And yet, despite all of that, some Democrats in Congress won't allow the party to bring the tax cut extensions to a vote before the election, because they are frightened that Republicans will say mean things about them.

    What a bunch of gutless weasels.

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