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View Diary: American Taliban shares same goals with Islamic jihadists (160 comments)

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  •  Bird-dog the bastard. (1+ / 0-)
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    24/7 surveillance, 360-degree coverage.  

    Catch him with a little girl or little boy, or smoking a reefer, or walking out of an Adult Toy Store with a purchase in hand.

    "Smile!" Click!

    Publish the photos or the video.  

    Make a scandal and then go after his advertisers.

    That's much more effective than, for example, illegal tactics such as dumping deer repellant into the air vent intakes of his car, or dosing him with Viagra at a party so he grab-assses some woman and gets arrested.  

    Glenn Beck is down to having only truly sleazy advertisers such as shady gold dealers and payday loan places.  And the Moonie Times loses a fortune every year.  Eventually the losses mount up to the point where these things can't sustain themselves.  

    And when they close due to "market justice," we can all do a Snoopy Dance.  

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