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View Diary: Action (Updated): Let's Vote Out GOP Senators Who Voted No on DADT Repeal and the DREAM Act (257 comments)

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  •  I thought the same thing. (2+ / 0-)

    I guess 'they' is anyone who has to ask.

    Fuck it, I guess I'm a Libertarian now. Is that better or worse than a Libtard or Leftist? I know that Libertarians don't give two shits about creating or enforcing laws that discriminate against people. This is like the abortion issue on the right: All talk and no action because neither party actually cares. They just want your vote.

    I'm pretty much writing in my candidates this year. I've been brainwashed by this site to pencil in Nader, Ponies and BP. Maybe Palin, also. Too.

    This is my stop, I'm getting off. Thanks for the ride Democrats. Good luck in November.

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