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View Diary: Action (Updated): Let's Vote Out GOP Senators Who Voted No on DADT Repeal and the DREAM Act (257 comments)

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    Obama is far from ideal, in many regards, but I don't buy your meme.

    If you really believe that there is essentially "no difference" between Obama and Bush, say, or between "teh Dems" and the Blue Dogs, or the Democrats and the Republicans, then you are really in the wrong place, and should tell it walkin'.

    What is it you guys don't get, about the real politik, that despite the "Democratic Majorities", the Blue Dogs and Republicans yet and still, just barely, retain sufficient plurality to block, delay and sabotage all motion, regardless of what the rest of us, including Obama, may think, want, or need?

    BREAKING:  The paradigm is about to shift, hugely, in November, contrary to everything monopoly corporate fascist commercial mass media says...their 24/7 propaganda blitz on all channels didn't work in '08, and it's not going to work this time either.  Turn off your TV...they LIE.

    Check this out, and then try to refute my assertion, that we are going to see unprecedented, historic interim election voter turnout in November, explicitly to off the pigs, so we can really surge forward into the 21st Century, for justice and peace, to save the planet...whether Obama likes it or not, LOL.

    Project Vote Poll 2010

    "...a printing press is worth 10,000 rifles..." Ho Chi Minh

    by Radical def on Tue Sep 21, 2010 at 05:45:35 PM PDT

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