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  •  also understand the racist ploy (12+ / 0-)

    at one point the GOP leaders sought to devide us by saying they would proceed if Reid would scrap the Dream Act and throw thousands of Hispanic kids under the bus. To his credit Senator Reid saw throught the ploy and refused. He showed the GOP that they couldn't devide us along racial lines and couldn't break our solidarity.

    We must remember this was only a procedural vote to allow debate to proceed. If Leader Reid had accepted the offer the enemy would still have opposed the repeal of DADT but would have succeeded in denying us the support of Hispanic Americans. It would have redounded to our shame in elections for the next decade and more.

    To understand it try putting the shoe on the other foot. Imagine the outcome if the GOPers had offered to continue debate on the Dream Act if the leader had agreed to drop the DADT amendment. DKOS would have rightfully been up in arms and demanding Harry's head on a platter. We would have demanded that the bill be rejected and brought down forthwidth.

    Leave it to the GOP to try such a racist tactic and be glad Democratic leadership refused out of hand. I write this because I saw a comment in an earlier diary saying Reid shold have taken the Dream Act out and proposed it as a stand alone bill. Nothing could have been worse and Reid proved we're better that that. Now we must take our principled fight on both issues to the people and work in unity for equality.

    •  I don't even pretend to understand the way the (1+ / 0-)
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      Senate works but that sounds reasonable to me. sigh.

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