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    ... it is important to give credit where it is due.  No one, not even Harry Truman, expected that perfection would be achieved overnight when Truman signed that Executive Order in 1948.  Ending racism means changing hardened attitudes but one can certainly outlaw legal discrimination -- which has to do with one's behavior -- through governmental actions.

    For example, when historians credit Abraham Lincoln with ending slavery in the 1860's, it took well over a century to end that culture of repression and exploitation to achieve some measure of legal equality for African Americans.  The 1954 Brown vs The Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court of the United States did not mean that educational equality was achieved overnight in public school systems around the country.  I could cite dozens of other such examples.

    You are focusing on the implementation of landmark decisions, a process that, obviously, takes years or decades to complete.  It should not, however, diminish the historical significance of the decision itself.

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