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  •  What about the 3 trillion? The Clinton era (11+ / 0-)

    tax structure yielded surpluses and we all survived and even thrived.  

    I don't belong to an organized party, I'm a democrat.

    by thestructureguy on Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 11:55:36 AM PDT

    •  I agree. (2+ / 0-)
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      drewfromct, TomP

      Why aren't the middle-class tax cuts only being extended temporarily instead of permanently? I don't think it is wise to make them permanent. Unless, of course, they are offset by raising taxes the top 2% in the coming years... which I find difficult to do politically.

      Not to mention the messaging on these tax cuts is still iffy. If Obama isn't going to get credit for cutting taxes (Hint: start calling this the "Obama tax cut"), and then is still going to be blamed for the deficits these will cause long-term, what's the point?

      I hope I'm wrong and the narrative truly changes to these being Obama tax cuts, and not "Obama's tax hikes" (fine print: by letting temporary tax cuts for the richest millionaires expire)

      •  Correct- let them expire and start new tax cuts (2+ / 0-)
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        drewfromct, kareylou

        The People's Tax Cut, where the payroll taxes are eliminated for the first $20,000 in yearly income.  Neatly balanced by extending the payroll taxes to income above $250,000.

        Why continue anything that has the taint of bush?

        "Drill Baby Drill": Stupid in 2008, criminally stupid now.

        by MD patriot on Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 12:42:45 PM PDT

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