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  •  Get your facts straight. (1+ / 0-)
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    Brassfield wants a certain type of job; he's made that clear.  He wants a government job, preferably with the federal government.  And he's not willing to settle--- you could have read all about it, but Brassfield took down his blog.

    Also, you've made 3 comments on this site.  That's it.  All about Ted Brassfield.  I find that a bit suspect.

    Faith in oneself is not trusting that you will always be victorious. It is trusting that you will either die or get back up.

    by Justashotaway on Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 01:53:47 PM PDT

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    •  I'm a big supporter of student loan reform (0+ / 0-)

      I have long advocated student loan reform. When Brassfield brought the issue to national prominence, I was REALLY excited. Then you posted crap about his cell phone and his neighborhood.

      Come on. My background is a lot more similar to yours than it is to a Princeton grad. I have worked and scrimped and saved - all to earn, like Brassfield, a job as a temp. (And before you snark about my personal qualities, no, I don't have an Iphone).

      The rest of my family stayed on welfare, worked minimum wage jobs, and they're fine. I ace standardized tests and struggle with challenges wealthier classmates could never dream of while working through school... for nothing. I'll never be able to afford a car, and temps are disqualified from better jobs. I'm working in awful conditions, without benefits, just to make the interest on my loans. It is not the greatest tragedy ever. But it is a situation that shouldn't happen on a widespread scale. Again, the economy is in a slump because of demand - when this situation lowers demand, it hurts not just me, but YOU.

      So I wish you would have listened to Brassfield's points. Because the snarky comments you're making about him are deflecting attention from the issue. It's so frustrating to finally see "student loans killing this man's future..." all over the news cycle, and then google it and get a bunch of snark about this guy's apartment and his phone.

      Thanks for letting me get out some of the frustration on your site.

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