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    Been dealing with this for 6 years now.  Every morning, so I have been told, "normal people" wake up feeling refreshed and at least somewhat ready for a day of work, play, etc.

    Every day I wake up not with the doom like feeling that I'm going to die, but a feeling of terror and sadness at what the day might bring.  That the doom never comes is irrelevant; the feeling will be there the next morning anyway.

    Then there are the every-day reasons to hate yourself; mostly for trivial things like cutting someone off in traffic.  Those types of things get magnified from something most people, I imagine, forget about in a couple of minutes to a judgement on my entire life.  I.E., If I cut someone off in traffic, I'm selfish, and look at all these other unrelated things in my life that prove it.

    Depression to me is living with a person you despise, and that person is yourself.  The terror and doom comes from having no choice in the matter.

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