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View Diary: RedState's Erick Erickson Eviscerates GOP's "Pledge To America" (308 comments)

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  •  Giving the keys back to Toonces (5+ / 0-)
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    Well, foolishly or not, I was hoping for more. OK, all the "Let's get Government out of your life and back in the Bedroom" and "Be Afraid of Brown People" and "Jeebus is Nigh" crap comes with the territory. It is pandering to the base and to be fair the lepers on the other side of the political aisle do it as-well.

    But what I was really really hoping for, after all the inane crap of the last 18 months, all the flying spittle from the lips of fat angry mall-walkers, the constant attempt to de-legitimize two American Election Cycles, the raising of Obstructionist Politics to a level never previously seen in the 200+ year history of the Republic, the Gold French Subway Tokens and Survival Seeds for Idiots Scams...was one simple thing:

    Don't bullshit me on the damn math

    OK, I know some on the other side of the political spectrum see mathematics and witchcraft as one and the same, but the rest of us don't. We can do sums in our heads, even when they have six commas, so don't tell me more = less and increase = decrease.

    I was hoping for a real spoonful of medicine: "Here is our plan for fiscal responsibility. It is going to hurt. But these are the real numbers"

    Instead I got an idiot with a weird orange glow jiggling his keys and expecting me to be satisfied while he slides Toonces back behind the wheel

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