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View Diary: RedState's Erick Erickson Eviscerates GOP's "Pledge To America" (308 comments)

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  •  Which makes it all the more important (1+ / 0-)
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    that we GOTV......the teabaggers could win.

    O'Donnell is not that far behind in polling and Paladino isn't either.

    Alaska deserves what they get, but Miller has a following.

    The dems are underestimating (IMO) the momentum behind this group of people.  They are underestimating it severely.  Everyone here laughs at them, shakes their head at their crazy ideas, but there are a whole bunch of really angry people out there.  they can't necessarily tell you WHY they are angry, but they are.  And, if we don't get our votes out, we will be saddled with the teabaggers in power.

    I was so mad last summer when DKOS decided we were to laugh at the tea parties.  Bad, bad move and one that will come back and bite in the ass.


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