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  •  If you have no income, are you eligible for (1+ / 0-)
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    for medicaid, ie Access card for medical care.

    I have a friend on social security who has medicare but also he is eligible, based on his low income status, for public assistance medical access card to pay what medicare does not pay.

    I have another friend who is out of work and unemployment ran out. She is eligible for a medical assitance card as long as she completes the job search requirements via the State Dept of Public Assistance requirements.  

    Most people with low income or zero income should be eligible for at least temporary medical coverage via their county assistance office.  When I was unemployed but my husband was working, we were eligible for a small amount of food stamps but I got an medical assistance ( medicaid ) card.

    It all depends on household income. It depends on household earnings for eligibility.

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