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View Diary: Despite Republican Claims, Real Reform has Come to American Healthcare (59 comments)

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    You have the right to access to out-of-network emergency room care at in-network sharing rates

    Does the above provision mean that if your insurance stipulates what ER you can go to at a discounted rate they can no longer do that?  If so I think thats bad for certain situations.  For instance I know at many universities they offer health insurance to staff at a very low rate if the staff chooses a plan that uses teh universities associated hospital.  Like if you are a lab tech at UAB and choose UAB viva you are expected to go to a UAB associated ER if you are in the area.  This is due to the fact that their charges are less than surrounding ERs.  You do have the choice to buy more expensive insurance that allows for freedom in choosing out of the UAB network of providers.

    I think if everyone in the UAB system on their in house insurance can go outside of UABs network for ER care this will basically cost UAB a ton of money for no reason at all.  That really makes no sense to me.  Will someone please clarify.

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      the comments it doesn't look like anyone is getting any answers to their tough questions.  This is lame if Rep. is not going to start to interact and respond to some of the well documented issues with the "real reform".

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