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View Diary: Despite Republican Claims, Real Reform has Come to American Healthcare (59 comments)

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  •  rep slaughter, you were on the side of the people (6+ / 0-)

    and i thank you for that, but let's be real.  installing for profit price gauging health insurance companies at the heart of national healthcare is not reform.  

    as a 53 year old new yorker whose small business employer does not offer insurance, the only options available to me start at $561 from GHI for hospital coverage only (you pay for office visits and there is a deductible of about $2000). and then there is Aetna which has two plans, one for about $1228 and the other $1756. the aetna plans do cover office visits, but who could possibly afford the premiums after paying a new york city rent/mortgage?  the fact that insurance companies are at the center of our healthcare is something that is likely to ruin people's lives.  i am about to lose my job and yet i am looking at spending $561/month just to make sure i don't end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt in case something catastrophic happens to me.  and if something smaller happens, say my tendonitis kicks up, i spend $X00 seeing a physician until i hit the $200.00 deductible - after paying $561.00 just for the privilege of having a deductible.  how can you possibly consider this reform?

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