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    I have tried many times to get blogs like this one to understand the root of this rape problem. I always get censured by moderators because it is not politically correct. The real problem is the U.S. hatred toward all things male. Only the upper crust (liberal or conservative) rich men don't get treated badly in our society. Progressives tend to ignore the plight of all ordinary males in America. Conservatives tend to ignore the plight of all who are not rich. So progressives wonder why so many men turn away from them. It's because at least an ordinary male thinks he can get good treatment by Republicans if only he can become rich...
    Boys are routinely spanked publically in many (especially red state) schools. Hardly any girls (percentage wise) get this mistreatment. Parents spank boys at a much higher rate than they do girls. Yet boys have a prostate, and everyone considers spanking as "kinky sex", yet no one, not even "progressive" women, complains about this sexual assault directed mostly at boys. "Progressive" men, like Al Franken, cannot ever say anything to help the male cause because he, like virtually all liberal men in power, parrots the progressive line that "women are victims". I'm not disputing that women are victims. But non-rich men in our society are way more victimized, and it's not even close. Would spanking continue if it were almost exclusively directed at girls?
    Violent video games, played mainly by boys, but also by lots of girls, explicitly depict killing men and boys in cruel ways. Would women allow these games in their homes if all the violence were against women and girls?
    Comedians and TV shows routinely laugh at raping men in prison. "Don't bend over to pick up the soap" is a joke about raping men. Would we laugh if the jokes were about raping women?
    TV constantly depicts men and boys getting their testicles crushed or their penis chopped off. Would this continue if the jokes were about reaching inside a woman or girl to crush their ovaries - ha ha how funny is that. Would they continue if the jokes routinely discussed destroying the clitoris or urethra - ha ha how funny is that.
    Boys are routinely held down and violently sexually assaulted with no anesthetic as infants only to make more money for hospitals and doctors. We all SCREAM about stopping female circumcision. But it's OK to do it to infant boys.
    Watch any show where violence is not condemned. It is almost always toward men and boys - almost never toward females (the violence against females is almost always portrayed as doing something wrong). Female interrogators are encouraged to threaten sexual assault against males. Torturing men and their genitals gets a laugh and a smile instead of the appropriate outrage.
    Rape is considered to be "sexual violence". Men and boys are routinely raped in TV shows and movies, yet the "Rp" warning is almost never provided.
    Why is nudity of boy cartoon characters, including depictions of spanking and crotch kicking allowed? Wouldn't you disallow a cartoon like Simpson's, Family Guy, and all of those in your home if the girls were constantly shown naked with laughter accompanying their being spanked or having their ovaries crushed.
    TV shows like MTV routinely show little girls being taught to kick little boys in the crotch. Let's teach our little boys to reach inside little girls and crush their ovaries and see how funny it is.
    Shows routinely show women assaulting men and boy's privacy by entering men's restrooms. California even says a woman can enter a men's restroom to help a male use the restroom. This is a sexual assault of men. Women aren't forced to expose themselves to urinate. No woman should ever enter a men's restroom while men are present. One woman even posed as a man for months to write a book about the experience. She observed men and boys using urinals. I complained about her assault on men and boys to no avail. I wonder if a man posed as a woman using a woman's restroom would get charged - and women and little girls don't routinely expose themselves in their restrooms. The moral equivalent is having women and girls do their pap smears in a public arena. How does it feel to have to expose yourself like that? That California law must be changed to say that the accompanying female must only enter after the male has been pushed through the door and has declared that no man is currently exposed. (It is a good idea, of course, to do the same the other direction - the accompanying male must let the female enter first to make sure there are no females in compromising positions.) Remember, sexual assault is based on the feelings of the one being assaulted. I hate being assaulted by women in my restroom. I hate having urinals so often visible to the outside by a single door being opened. Again, we wouldn't have women and girls doing pap smears in a location where anyone can open the door and anyone outside could then see inside like we force men and boys to do in men's restrooms. Just because some men choose to urinate in public does not mean we all do or even want to. (Just because some women choose to pose naked for Playboy, et al, doesn't mean all women would do it or would want to do it.)
    Ted Kennedy made a point of ending sexual abuse in prisons, but he didn't do one damn thing about the assault against men in prison.
    Several decades ago, a psychological study about whether ordinary citizens would follow orders from an authority figure and "kill" a bad person had to be stopped because so many citizens actually would kill the accused when told to do so. We have made progress. I bet if that study were to be done today, many more ordinary citizens would not kill or sexually assault a female, but would do it to a male. This means we are at least making progress. But we have to do more to stop the assault against men. Consider our torture programs. The sexual and violent assault against male suspects is well documented. What is not well documented is that many of the assaulters refused to do such assaults on suspected female terrorists. But they would "torture" them by crushing the testicles or sodomizing the suspect's little boy. Wow, imagine refusing to torture a male suspect, but instead crushing the ovaries or raping his little girl.
    In Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers look the other way as Afghani soldiers rape boys and men. Would they look the other way if they were raping little girls?
    Testosterone is considered to be "bad" while estrogen is "good". This assault on testosterone is wrong.
    Women in the military are not doing their part. They should be at least 15% and more like 25% of the deaths, but they are not. It is time for women in this country to demand that women in the military start dying at the same rate as the men. I even heard a HISTORIAN say how much sacrifice "men and women" who died in old wars like the Civil War, the WW's, Korea, and Vietnam needed to be honored. Hardly any women ever died in those wars. This damn historian had to change history to be politically correct. Saying that women did their part in those wars is like saying men did their part in childbirth.
    In the 1930's, men and women had about the same life expectancy in the U.S. Wouldn't you do something about it if, since then, women's life expectancy had become 10 years less than men's?
    The new heath care law requires that women and children be allowed to choose non-family doctors as their primary care physician. In Europe, there are "male only" urologists who are cross between U.S. urologists and endocrinologists. There must be a specialty like that for men to choose as a primary physician - but of course there is not.
    Government funds go disproportionately for cancers affecting women (breast, cervical, uterine) with hardly any funds for men's cancers.
    There are routine laws about violence against women. GO TO HELL! Men are the victims of violence, including sexual assault like testicle crushing and sodomy, way, way, way more often than women. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT! Create a study to end violence against men and boys! Of course violence against women is wrong. But the accepted violence against men and boys in our society is epidemic.
    Stop laughing when women threaten or actually kick a man in the crotch, or threaten to cut off his penis or testicles, or slap him or hit him. It is not funny! This violence by women against their sons and male partners needs to stop. And women need to make it clear to men and boys that male on male violence and sexual assault is just as unacceptable as male on female violence.
    It is time for men to be the winners in civil courts. Grant them full custody of the children with the ex-wife being an indentured slave - sending all her money to support him. After all, more women have jobs today than men. The next 200 years should have men winning civil cases against women 90% of the time.
    I dare you to actually print this.
    And women who read this, don't do childish "line item vetoing". If one of the concepts here is exaggerated, don't throw out the whole thing. And don't be such "victims" by believing this is an assault on you. Violence and sexual assault on anyone is unacceptable. My point is that we believe that when the victim is female. It is time, NOW, to believe it when the victim is male, no matter WHO assaulted them.
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      the main reason this comment gets rejected a lot is its scope. You kinda dart from issue to issue without a clear stream of consciousness. You list many important things, but in general, you are correct in stating that there is a bias toward violence in men in the world. The hard part though, is that this is how its been since the beginning of time. For most of history, like all but the last hundred years or so, women were truly the victims in all cases. But today, we do need to start looking at the other side. If a woman were to accuse me of hitting her, i'd go to jail. Nevermind that im sickly and physically weak (I have trouble holding jugs of milk.), id still be the one in trouble. Even though ten year old girls could beat me up with relative ease. As for the circumcision thing, I am with you 100%. Very few people seem to view this as the abomination that it is. I call it Genital Mutilation, because thats precisely what it is, that is the goal and intent of the act. If you want a circumcision, fine. More power to you...As soon as youre an adult. It is wrong for parents to force this on a child. Ever. The ONLY case is when the foreskin itself has a disorder. For instance, a friend of mine had to get a circumcision rather late in his life, because the foreskin did not grow appropriately. I find it horrible that it continues to this day, and even moreso that surveys show women do not like the appearance of uncircumcized genitals. Thats quite disgusting, and weird. The gay community seems to have the exact opposite opinion on the issue, at least from the..eagerness with which I experienced things.

      But in the end, I think you need to condense your ideas and arguments, and reduce the rhetoric. Its like when I say the republicans want sick people to die. Sure they probably dont, but it gets attention. Just next time you want to post about this, take a good, long look at what youve written, to see if theres a less aggressive way you could state the same issue. Too often my own ideas go unheard due to my difficulty choosing words, and I hope this will help you out in the future.

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