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  •  It's been quite peaceful. (0+ / 0-)

    But let's not forget that it's hard to disagree over a topic like this -- and we make a strong effort to keep specific politics (is the administration to blame, for example?) out of the ROVs.

    I know I've had sharp political disagreements with some of my co-ROVers in the past (don't know whether they know or not), but I glady put all that behind me for this cause.

    So as much as I'm willing to accept all praise for Gulf Watchers as a singularly healthy group that functions with unique solidarity, I also have to point out... what's there to fight about?

    Yes, we have serious disagreements about the use of dispersant, and a few other matters, but that's handled quite civilly, and overall our horror at what's happened, our commitment to move forward covering investigations, hearings, recovery, etc, all keep us bound and in step with one another.

    I used to live in a building that had 32 units -- and was like a dormitory.  Every knew everyone; when the elevator was broken, the younger folks looked out for the old folks and made sure their shopping and laundry were taken care of.  On New Years' we had parties at each others' places or in the lobby, rather than going elsewhere in the city.

    What made that building work so well?  A common enemy: our landlord.  Bound us together tightly.

    BP does the same for us here.

    Not that it's any less amazing.  Just saying, it's hard to not get along when we all have some powerful common ground -- and that's the difference between us and, sadly, the rest of Kos.

    Without social justice our politics would be Republican. -- Onomastic

    by Yasuragi on Mon Sep 27, 2010 at 01:23:41 PM PDT

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