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    I am familiar with a site in Georgia about an hour northeast of Athens on the Chattahoochee (sp?) River. There is a huge burial mound in the river valley sited near the Yonah Mountain. [Yonah is a magnificant peak with it's local indian story. The lore is of young lovers from warring tribes who jumped off of the face of the mountain to their death rather than separate.]

    What I could gather from the locals was that the mound had been started by very ancient peoples who were later run off by an aggressive invading tribe who also used the mound.

    When I was visiting the area in 2006, the land was owned privately but the state of Georgia was supposed to be purchasing it. The mound had a silly looking kiosk-type structure on it and a herd of cows meandering around it. I keep a photo of it above me work area. I also adopted and named a puppy Yonah whom I had gotten during my visit there from friends living on the Skitts Mountain nearby. Yonah means Sleeping Bear in Cree, or so I was told.

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