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  •  just kiddin' ya about the google (8+ / 0-)

    bad bad me eh?

    Anyway, with the Troubadours, there are literary historians who credit the Troubadours with being to first to embody the concept of the individual in Western Civilization.  

    Before the 12th Century, the attraction between a man and a women in literature was due to Eros, or a lust, a sexuality.  But the Troubadours recognized Eros, and from that developed romance.  They added spirituality, chivalry, honor, and the emotional desire, the heart, the soul, the love.  So now, this attraction became the burning desire for one's beloved, the extreme emotions of heavenly bliss and ultimate ecstasy when with your beloved, to the painful heartbreak and tragic despair when without. This love is so deep routed for your soulmate, that one would give their life to make sure the soulmate would be with no harm.  And this passion, this attraction, is what everyone would experience when they found their beloved, their soulmate.  

    And it was this dimension that the 12th -13th Century Troubadours added into their songs and writings.  And of course the Church and royalty were not really approving of this, so they wiped out this group.  Luckily, their works survived.  

    And most importantly, for the first time in literature, we understand the concept of the 'individual', for each of us as individuals are on that search for our beloved, our soulmates.  

    So this is where the concept of the individual started. Probably the most important development in our societal history and why were are who we are.

    So you see the importance in your screen name, dear Troubadour...


    •  I credit the troubadours with a lot (3+ / 0-)
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      PrahaPartizan, dorkenergy, ardyess

      but I wouldn't overplay it to the point of saying they invented the individual - that goes all the way back to Athens.  I will say they first articulated society as the servant of the individual.  They invented romantic love as a direct subject of art and an object of courtship.  Before then, romance might be a cause of events, but was hardly a central matter in them - the troubadours upended the formula by making society the backdrop of love rather than love a mere lever of society.  They also did this by articulating marriage as a servant of love rather than of political and blood institutions.  Quite a major turn of perception.

      Liberty, Equality, Opportunity.

      by Troubadour on Sun Sep 26, 2010 at 07:27:03 AM PDT

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      •  okay, I'll agree with you here (2+ / 0-)
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        Troubadour, dorkenergy

        I will say they first articulated society as the servant of the individual.

        and in Athens, there were individuals, as part of society with certain democratic rights  And I think that we can agree that this is different from the way the Troubadour view of the individual as you describe here.  The Troubadours elevated need of the individual in the search for their beloved, or soulmate, or destiny, above that in their need for society.

        Of course the Troubadours were slaughtered by the church by one the the Crusade's armies, but these new fangled ideas were already out of the bag in the short, less than 100 years or so that they existed.  

        So the church had to recognize this quest of the individual for their destiny, and afterward, if it were so, it was because 'God' was even more of the ultimate participant in this process, and it was 'God' who destined this individual, so when the individual did find one's beloved, or destiny, this same emotion must be acknowledged with 'God' as well.  

        And in this instance, this concept of the individual lived on as well.

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