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    This is a fascinating video.  It is nothing less than creepy that Roger Mudd describes this as a "ceremony."  Further bizarre is his description of the 1940 draft "ceremony" that included a piece of a chair used by signers of the Declaration of Independence.  A "ceremony" for conscripting free humans!  While I do not think the state is an evil, its power is something to feared and checked.

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      30 years since they had really used the lottery.  Can't you see it is coming this way again?  We have too many wars going.
      We the People.  This is precisely what the GOP and tea partiers want.  A draft.
      The rich gets their kids deferrments.

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        how did they choose the men for the draft for so long?  Yikes, at least the lottery has some dimension of being random, I can't imagine what horrible biases existed in the approach to the draft before 1969.  The draft is a blight on the history of liberty.

        I agree with you except for one point: I don't think the Tea Partiers want a draft.  They are too libertarian for that and many of them are remnants of the Paul campaign that consistently opposed the wars.  I do, however, agree that the establishment of the GOP wouldn't mind a draft and the Blue Dog Dems probably think a draft forges "national unity" and "character."  The wars we have are unsustainable without coercion.  Let's hope peace prevails.

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