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  •  Sen. Merkley, there's an easier way... (10+ / 0-) get more progressives in the Senate.

    The House and Senate could do it tomorrow if they wanted.

    Just pass by majority vote a bill that shrinks the Federal District to be composed of the White House, Mall, and Capitol, declare the rest of the District of Columbia a Federal territory, and accept the state Constitution passed by DC voters back in the '80s.

    Once the President signs it, we can pick our voting Representative and two voting Senators in next month's election. (If we need a little more time for campaigning, we could always drop in a special election in January.)

    I can virtually guarantee you that the two Senators and one Representative we would send to Congress would be among the most progressive in their respective houses. (I can also give a very strong probability that they would be African-American, thus providing some needed ethnic diversity to the Senate.)

    (An added bonus to the progressive leadership we'd get in Congress, of course, is that it's simply the right thing to do, as 600,000 Americans without basic civil rights should be anathema to anyone who calls him- or herself American, to say nothing of self-described "progressives.")

    How about it?

    What have you done for DC statehood today? Call your Rep and Senators and demand action.

    by mistersite on Thu Sep 30, 2010 at 01:32:31 PM PDT

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