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View Diary: The Last Frontier's Struggle For Our Future: Climate Hero vs Climate Peacock and Climate Zombie (28 comments)

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    Probably before your time; while i was too timid for kos and looked elsewhere. knew i'd saved it somewhere in my research

    The Triumph of Green Light & Power over Purple Carbon Darkness
    Wednesday 31 October 2007
    4pm - 5pm

    We want to celebrate Green Light, and all renewable sources of power, by saying "Off, Foul Wraith !" to the heart of purple darkness - Carbon Dioxide emissions. Don't be a pumpkin - don't be spooked by Climate Change. Don't be deceived by the mischievous Sprite of Denial and don't be a Climate Zombie. You can do something. We can do many things, if we work together.

    Boxorox   07:49 PM on 12/15/2007
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    Your anecdotal evidence about global warming is not convincing and not even quaint. What you wrote are the words of an inexperienced tourist who thinks the entire world should look and feel like the United States. That you find collaborators who will attest to the severe weather as testimony to the effects of global warming is only kindling for the fire that surrounds this topic. These days, EVERYTHING is cited as evidence, even proof, of global warming. It's out of control (the finger-pointing, not the warming). All aspects of this planet, from hurricanes to tsunamis to bad attitudes is being blamed on a changing climate. It certainly is not very clever and really is not science. Being political about a science issue doesn't advance the science or even spur any action toward a solution, if one were needed. Instead, all this head-nodding and verbiage do is demonstrate your dedication to the Climate Zombie state of our modern world. I shall continue to resist.

    Im sure not telling anyone its not your original term. you've gotten major mojo for it:)

    What did you do when you knew? boatsie

    by boatsie on Thu Sep 30, 2010 at 10:40:57 AM PDT

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