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View Diary: To win in November, we have to win in January (87 comments)

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  •  I disagree with this one (0+ / 0-)

    "The takeaway from these meetings has been a big win: there isn’t a single returning Democratic Senator, or Democratic Senate candidate, who is flat-out opposed to changing Senate rules."

    Chris: you went through the Public Option debate.  You know that more than a few of these guys lie on stuff like this.  When push comes to shove, Ben Nelson and Lying Lieb and probably a few others aren't going to support straight majority rules like the House.

    If there are 52 Dems, we'll end up with filabuster reform that's similar to the recent Financial Reform: not really dealing with the problems.  What's worse is that Reid and others will start negotiating with the GOP hoping to get the 2/3rds votes rather than going the 50+1 route that KargoX and others have pointed to over the years.  Once they start negotiating with the GOP, it's akin to Single Payer being taken off the Helathcare debate before it starts: we've allowed a "worst case" worry for the GOP to be removed, so they can get right to watering down from a weakened Dem position.

    The only way we were going to get filabuster reform was if we returned with 55 Dems, including Lieb and Nelson.  And that 50-53 of those Dems were pissed at the GOP for what they've done over the past two years of choking off the government in the Senate.

    Will there be 50-53 pissed off Dems in addition to Lieb and Nelson?  No.  There will be a lot of Dems scrared of the GOP rather than pissed at them.  And they'll send the next two years scared about their re-election chances in 2012 and 2014 rather than fixing the filabuster or what's wrong with the Senate.

    These are folks who couldn't take a tax vote to make the GOP look bad, and couldn't pass a strong Finance Bill at a time when the Bankers are the most hated people in the country (other than arguably US Congressmen... and taking on the bankers would have been something populist for Congress).

    "It's dead, Jim."

    Seriously, as much as we want this, it isn't happening given the slaughter coming up in November.

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