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  •  As for "not starting a small business because (1+ / 0-)
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    of the taxes" here is my story.

    I work for a law firm, and I am paid on salary.  If I started my own firm I might make $250K, and pay more taxes than I do now.  But, I might fail miserably and make nothing (and pay less taxes, whoooo!).

    Taxes have nothing to do with why I do not start my own firm.  I actually would love to pay taxes on $250K, since I'd be making, well, $250k.  But, I might make nothing if I hung my own shingle.  I prefer the security of a salary to the risk of going out on my own.  (And, I like my firm and the partners in charge).  

    I suspect many who say they won't start a business "because of taxes" are much like me.  It's not the taxes, its the risk of making nothing that gives them pause.    

    Republican Platform = Fear, Anger, and Hate. Oddly their God preached against those very traits.

    by TexDemAtty on Sun Oct 03, 2010 at 07:44:33 PM PDT

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