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  •  As someone who got a root canal a couple wks ago (2+ / 0-)
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    Anthony Segredo, shaharazade

    ...I can without a doubt that my getting a root canal was a more pleasant experience than would be voting for Democrats who will fuck me over and won't stick up for themselves.

    Endodontists have greatly improved the procedure to the point where it only taked about 454 minutes and is relatively painless. (It was also less painful getting my root canbal than watching the Detroit Lions play -- but that is a different matter).

    That being said -- check out this new Pew poll. The Tea Partiers and Barack Obama have almost exactly the same cancelling out effect on one another with voters -- including independents.

    On the other hand -- Sarah Palin is definitely a massive anchor around the necks of any candidates she endorses. Independents can't stand her.

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