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  •  Expecting white working class voters to die? (1+ / 0-)
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    Leaving what? Just black, Asian, and Latino working class voters? Or are you expecting the entire working class to perish?

    •  Death is inevitable. (1+ / 0-)
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      This demographic tends to be older and more conservative. Thus, when they finally reach the end of tehir natural lives -- as must we all -- the country canb finally move on and get better.

      Until then, they are going to continue fucking this country up as they have been doing for about 40 years now.

      •  Getting old is inevitable (0+ / 0-)

        (for the lucky ones anyway). There will always be older white voters and, while they will be of a different generation, I wonder how much that matters. The country has without a doubt made progress in some areas, but also gone backwards in others. Although some people tend to think the young people are now enlightened and post-racial, I wonder about that. In any case, they too will get older and perhaps adopt a different political philosophy. Sometimes people follow the old saying "If you're under 30 and conservative you have no heart, if you're over 30 and liberal you have no head" (or something to that effect).

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