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  •  Here's Isreal's good faith right here: (4+ / 0-)

    Palestinians call for halt to Israeli settlements
    September 30, From Kareem Khadder, CNN

    An Israeli settlement freeze expired on Sunday and more construction started just hours later. That's sparked concern that the controversial issue could become a sticking point that would stall face-to-face talks between Palestinians and Israelis, which resumed earlier this month after an 18-month hiatus.

    Palestinian officials have previously said that if building resumes on territory they consider part of a future Palestinian state, they will walk away from the negotiations.

    There are news reports that U.S. and Palestinian negotatiators are trying to persuade Israel to extend the freeze at least for another two months.

    Mitchell, the former Maine senator and prominent American diplomat, is visiting the region as part of a U.S. diplomatic push to help keep face-to-face peace talks on track. He met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday after meeting Wednesday with Netanyahu.

    This situation has become insane~!

    Netanyahu resumed construction as the clock struck the hour that marked the end of the "freeze".

    WTF? Why was there ever only a freeze? What sense does that make?! Are the Israelis going to STOP or NOT?

    And..wait for it...the Palestinians will be blamed for "walking away from the talks".

    Fuck that. Do I think the Israelis are capable/culpable of killing those people on that ship? Please.

    Oh, well sez the US, no biggie...we have bigger fish to fry blowing up Afghan children. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

    "The first step towards madness is to think oneself wise." ~Fernando de Rojas

    by Annalize5 on Sat Oct 02, 2010 at 04:47:45 PM PDT

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