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  •  The Feds sued MO in 2007 or 2008, claiming (5+ / 0-)

    that they did a shitty job of scrubbing the rolls of ineligible rolls.  So it it would make sense if MO were a little rusty in implementing the system. (the appellate decision remanding, which provides some background)

    Here's how the process is sposed to work, FWIW: 90 days prior to an election, the county canvasses its voters.  After that, they send out these postcards to people it suspects have moved or are otherwise ineligible.  It's now about 30 days before the election, meaning they took two months to agree on a list of people to send postcards to and actually prepare the postcards.  That's not outside the realm of possibility for a smoothly functioning system, so for a new system for a newly compliant state it shouldn't surprise at all.

    For all those reasons, then, it doesn't sound like caging, but just sounds like MO trying to meet its legal responsibilities under federal and state law.

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