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View Diary: Cantor on GOP: "We screwed up when we were in the majority" (83 comments)

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    Cantor is doing 1 thing

    1. He knows the polls are tightning up now that folks are paying attention. The republicans look at the crowd obama got last week and the one ONE NATION drew this weekend and the massive one that Daily Show and Colbert will bring the end of this month to get out the vote and there is a strong possibility they will not win 43 seats looking at the landscape right now.(39+ LA-01, HI-01 and DE-AL and IL-04) The main toss up  seats they thought they could win is looking like they "AINT" going to win. Polling is showing a lot of democrats winning in those districts that they thought would be easy pickups. If they do lose, look for boerner to get bounced and cantor to gun for his job as minority leader.

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