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    Freedom of information belongs to the people

    US cultural - government history ~ nine years after "The Most Dangerous Man in America"

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    The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
    The CIA and Mind Control

    (c)1979 by John Marks
    Published by Times Books

    Excerpt from Author's Note

    This book has grown out of the 16,000 pages of documents that the CIA released to me under the Freedom of Information Act. Without these documents, the best investigative reporting in the world could not have produced a book, and the secrets of CIA mind-control work would have remained buried forever, as the men who knew them had always intended.  From the documentary base, I was able to expand my knowledge through interviews and readings in the behavioral sciences.  Nevertheless, the final result is not the whole story of the CIA's attack on the mind.  Only a few insiders could have written that, and they choose to remain silent.  I have done the best I can to make the book as accurate as possible, but I have been hampered by the refusal of most of the principal characters to be interviewed and by the CIA's destruction in 1973 of many of the key documents.

    I want to extend special thanks to the congressional sponsors of the Freedom of Information Act.  I would like to think that they had my kind of research in mind when they passed into law the idea that information about the government belongs to the people, not to the bureaucrats.  I am also grateful to the CIA officials who made what must have been a rather unpleasant decision to release the documents and to those in the Agency who worked on the actual mechanics of release.  From my point of view, the system has worked extremely well.

    I must acknowledge that the system worked almost not at all during the first six months of my three-year Freedom of Information struggle. Then in late 1975, Joseph Terillo and Timothy Sullivan, two skilled and energetic lawyers with the firm of Fried, Frank, Shriver, Harris and Kampelman, entered the case.  

    The Republicans don't want tax cuts for the middle class. They want to turn the US into a plutocracy or an oligarchy. ~ Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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