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    JimWilson, pdx kirk

    index.  I waited for 75 YEARS to see a black man elected President and guess what I got on my 75th birthday: a black President!  I grew up in the segregated South...member of a segregationist Democratic Party and we HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!    If you think that was not progress you did not grow up in the South that I grew up in.
      And I saw an Irish Catholic get elected President, something my protestant forebearers would not have approved of.  And I saw a crook forced out of the Presidency by the process!  And I saw the Civil Rights Acts passed and blacks allowed to move from the back of the bus to seats in Congress AND THE PRESIDENCY! [As an 8-year old I sat on the back of the bus just to give a finger to the bigots who made the rules.]  Maybe racial tolerance does not mean much where you come from but where I came from it separated the men from the boys.  You were a "nigger-lover" if you believed the wrong thing about blacks.
      And I saw my father elected secretary of his union and saw him spend my high school days negotiating contracts that made the men he represented members of the middle class!  That was something to them!!!
      If all you have seen is failure for 50 years, maybe, as the old farmer said about the guy who only saw horse shit, "Maybe you need to look at the other end of the horse."  ;-)
      As for what to do.  Hell, run for something! Or get behind someone who is running for something!  You might get beat, but if you are like me, they won't get a virgin!  It won't be the first time I have lost something.  
       Listen, buddy, we have one go at life.  We have a choice to give our all to something we think matters or to sit on the sideline and watch others do it.  We get to choose: player or spectator...combatant on the field or popcorn-eater in the stands.  If you haven't decided which you want to be, now is not too late.  We can do this together! :-)

    ...toward a better tomorrow.

    by Steve Love on Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 06:28:04 PM PDT

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