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View Diary: Good News: Sink Hammers Scott With Ad Starring Law Enforcement Pros (Fla. Gov.) (95 comments)

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  •  This is not a criminal trial in a court of law. (10+ / 0-)

    The appropriate standard for rejecting a potential governor is not "this guy is a crook beyond a shadow of a doubt," or even "beyond a reasonable doubt."  

    The appropriate standard is: "This guy is less likely than the other candidate to be a decent governor, on the preponderance of the evidence." That's all we ever have to go on. And the fact that he was CEO of a company that pulled off massive Medicare fraud is validly part of the evidence.  If he'd come out with a clear, convincing argument about how he didn't know what was happening, his company's fraud might weight less against him. But he took the Fifth 75 times instead.

    So -- he didnt' get convicted. Fine. But he may not be chosen as governor, either. Also fine. Very appropriate, in fact.

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