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  •  Do you remember High Voltage? (11+ / 0-)

    He was a light phase RTH who lived at the entrance to the Point Reyes Observatory back in the '70's. He hung out on a High Voltage line entering the Observatory, thus the name. White, darker head with with some streaking and a pink tail, nice big bird with a faithful spouse. They lived at the entrance to the Observatory and I saw them every time I went for years.

    Over here in Longleaf Pine country, the trees are dense in many locations especially down by the River, a narrow black water river which doesn't get any size at all until it crosses the Florida line. So, I don't see a whole lot of RTH's. However, earlier this year a pair of RTH's raised two fledglings in a old longleaf about a mile from here.

    I saw them around until just recently--a lot of hysterical teenaged calls and disgusted parents flying off trailed by the kids. They moved off 6 or 8 weeks ago leaving the local mockers with a new call. Now, there is at least one mockingbird in my neighborhood who sounds just like that hysterical hatch year hawk. Of course, the mockers don't imitate the owls around here. That's a whole different deal.  

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