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View Diary: If We Lose, We Will Have Only Ourselves To Blame – 7 ideas for outreach (64 comments)

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  •  Everyone knew the economy would suck (0+ / 0-)

    ...he lost momentum last friggin' summer.  That was idiotic.  So were his attempts to paint a rosy picture and downplay the pain when job losses were happening.  WH unemployment estimates were more self inflicted stupidity.  Sacrificing credibility at the start of your Administration is a difficult thing to ever recover from.  

    He shot down popular progressive polices for corporate interests.  The result is not surprising to anyone but the so-called pragmatists/realists and the White House.

    If he had done a proper progressive stimulus, unemployment might be at 8% instead of serious fear persisting of a double dip or outright depression.  

    The situation in Iraq had been stabilized before Obama even took office.  I hate giving any credit to Dubya for this, but after the nation told him we had not faith in his leadership and wanted out, Dubya finally let Petraeus use a strategy that could work.  It's not what I would call a "victory" but it does allow us to partially leave.  End the Iraq War?  With 50,000 still there...I'm not putting up a banner.  

    Still haven't seen him take a principled stand.  He's not the guy I voted for.

    This election is like going into a job interview with a resume that only says how much the other candidates suck.

    by Celtic Pugilist on Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 09:18:57 PM PDT

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    •  you think Bush ends Iraq? (1+ / 0-)
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      please.  we'd be there for 100 years if it were on Bush.

      he did a 787 billion dollar stimulus.  that's freaking enormous.  and i'll be on your side if he doesnt let the bush tax cuts end.

      On DailyKos nothing is significant unless Obama doesn't do it.

      by glutz78 on Wed Oct 06, 2010 at 07:14:10 AM PDT

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