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  •  NYT today: Obama struggles to retain Liberals (0+ / 0-)

    "Without offering regrets for policy choices that have angered liberals, President Obama is arguing that the Republican alternative is far worse."

    All Obama has done since his election is to disrespect and trash Liberals and Progressives, so what does he expect?   I'm a Progressive, and heck no, I won't vote for a sham president or his party.  Enough is enough.

    The president wrote a letter to Israel's Netanyahu, Obama asked that the construction of new settlements be curtailed at least through the US November elections to show a 'semblance' of agreement regarding Gaza.  From the Webster's Dictionary:
    the definition of semblance is:  "outward and often specious appearance or show"

    This is what Obama is all about, the 'semblance' of leadership and progress.  We have a president who is a mile wide and 1/8" deep.  He has to go, and so do his Democrats in Congress.  

    I don't care if the GOP gets power again---or if the Tea Party does.  We need a little chaos to wake people up.  Suffering might be the result, but I'm convinced that unless Americans truly suffer, they will never realize how corrupt Democrats and Republicans are, and I include Obama in this too.

    Vote for chaos, not for Obama.

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