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View Diary: The 'Cover Up' Is Finally Unraveling - Who Voted for HR 3808? (125 comments)

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  •  No I do not, but what I do want is this (15+ / 0-)

    corruption to stop..

    You always do this shrike..

    you come in and piss all over every single fire hydrant you can, as to anyone that does not worship Obama..

    and you take it as being a Red State person, and I'm sick of your shit.

    like if not black and white......there are gray areas..

    and if you cannot see that, dissent is a healthy aspect of Democracy..

    that is your problem, not mine..

    You think it's ok that innocent people are being thrown out of their homes?

    That no one had the fucking courage to name their own to who put RH 3808 on President Obama's desk?

    You are probably the worst Democrat I ever have run into in my life....

    You can't even have a decent debate with anyone..

    You always do the same exact thing:

    Protect those that fucked us all..

    good luck with that...

    I feel sorry for you.

    •  BTW...I and everyone noticed that you did not (8+ / 0-)

      have to facts, the courage and dignity, to answer my reply...

      So, good luck with your future, credibility on this site, and for Obama...

      he signs this bill in to law...guess what, he is the ONLY FUCKING PERSON in our party that will sign on to it..

      You give me one good reason, why this is happening, but don't you ever dare to show up in another one of my diaries, ok?

      You have lost all credibility and so has our own party and President over HR 3808.

      Stop your bullshit, because America is so over this, and we are so tired of paying and paying and paying and getting fucked up the rear...

      by those we elected, to stop putting us on the line to pay and pay again, for what we are facing now:

      the Tea Party Members...that is what this has cost us all..

      The selling out of the Democratic party, has got to stop....

      So stop slapping your shitfaced crap on all of faces, because we know better..

      We've fucking had it.  It all done, for all of us.

      Thugs coming into our homes, and locking our doors, on behalf of the Banks?

      You just don't fucking get it do you?  And nor does Obama or Geithner..

      The fucking 'jig' is up, and everyone is so sick of it, now we have the 'tea party crazies' that may and probably will take over our nation.

      What part of that don't you get?

      Corruption has a price, and Obama signed on to all of it.

      Stop pretending, he did not 'get us here'..

      He did.

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