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View Diary: The 'Cover Up' Is Finally Unraveling - Who Voted for HR 3808? (125 comments)

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  •  Are you arguing that the President has no duty (6+ / 0-)

    to try to do the right thing if he's not likely to win?

    "We're not leaving Afghanistan prematurely. In fact, we're not ever leaving at all." -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates

    by JesseCW on Wed Oct 06, 2010 at 09:12:38 PM PDT

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    •  No, I am asking if this is as pre ordained by (7+ / 0-)

      Congress as the diary appears to make it, what exactly is the response after the presidential veto gets overridden, and how much would the veto matter if Congress would accomplish it the next day. The diary seemed to not hit on that point, in my opinion. You're talking about a Congress, who passed this in a day according to the diary, that most days couldn't get unanimous consent on a vote for the time of a lunch break. I just find the whole situation a little odd without this being laid out.

      •  If the President vetos, it will draw a heck of a (9+ / 0-)

        lot of attention to a bill that has so far moved under the radar.

        That will create a very real possibility that many Congresspeople won't be so eager to let it pass, particularly right before the election.

        Genuinely sorry for being a little brusque.  

        Clinton used to pull that "Veto proof-majority" line to cover signing all kinds of noxious shit, and I kinda jerked the knee in response to your comment instead of taking your question in good faith, as it was obviously meant.

        My bad.

        "We're not leaving Afghanistan prematurely. In fact, we're not ever leaving at all." -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates

        by JesseCW on Wed Oct 06, 2010 at 09:24:05 PM PDT

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        •  Right... (3+ / 0-)
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          milkbone, Badabing, JesseCW

's a good chance for Obama to make a break with the criminals and become a Great President. At least put the blame back at the feet of this worthless Congress and claim the moral high road.

          Still, I think attention is the last thing this industry wants on this matter...attention breeds distrust, and that's what they trade in.

          -5.38 -4.72 T. "...a mosque that rejects radicalism is not a symbol of the enemy's victory; it is a prerequisite for our own." Michael Gerson

          by trevzb on Thu Oct 07, 2010 at 12:08:09 AM PDT

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          •  and you know what trev? (3+ / 0-)

            I never expected, in a million years it would come from this amazing source...

            RH and will become, at least I think it may....become a point of where President Obama, might have to stand up to...

            What I really find amazing about this rush in bill, on his desk now is this:

            not one House member or Senator gave their names to have this disaster pass..

            they think, and what to pass it under us, in the dark of the night, so we will not pay attention to it, but it gives, the ultimate 'Rubber Stamp' which as I said in my diary is no different from what Bush did with the OCC law, that protected Americans for 140 years, that Bush overturned.  It is no different from Gramm/Leach and other did in the dead of night, and it is no different than what Geithner did to pass an amazing bill the same day Gramm did, on Christmas Eve, to give Freddie and Fannie Mac and full and endless ATM, right into the hearts of the American taxpayers, that is an open checkbook, to those, that are sold our nation down the road.

            We keep thinking that the two party system is different: it is not.  I'm not at all surprised by the reactionary politics at all...the tea party members...Americans are all outraged....but let us stop thinking this is all about race and is not..

            It is about money.

            And who sold us out.

            Thanks for your great comment.

            Ms. B.

            •  One needs a backbone to actualy stand up... (1+ / 0-)
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              ...rather than make pretty speeches that signify exactly nothing lacking real stands. Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton is no role model to emulate...unless you want a hindered and fifty million from corporate America after you leave office and the judgment of history that you were a corrupt arsehole.

              BTW where are the "Good Guys" in Congress on warning about this banker’s bill nobody wrote?

              The young man who has not wept is a savage, and the old man who will not laugh is a fool. George Santayana

              by Bobjack23 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 at 04:19:00 AM PDT

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      •  The Congress went on recess (5+ / 0-)
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        trevzb, wsexson, blueoasis, Badabing, Losty

        and adjourned right after the Senate passed the bill by unanimous consent.

        In order to override the veto the Congress critters would have to come back into a special session and make a spectacle of themselves.

        But that won't happen anyway. President Obama is rather gutless when it comes to things like this. He would rather reward the people he works for rather than the other 290 million people in this country.

      •  preordianed? OMFK..this bill is on the prez desk (2+ / 0-)
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        Bobjack23, cloudbustingkid

        you to that yet..

        Did you bother to read the diary, that no one in the House and Senate even gave their names to get it on his desk?

        You think Obama is going to Veto this bill?

        You should change you name to Dog Shit....I cannot believe your comments...

        I 'laid out' everything that has happened, in my diary, and you are still 'defending' the crap that are putting innocent Americans out of their homes, as Obama, Geither, AG Holder, and Geithner and Bernanke remain silent..

        What part of that don't you get?

        You're talking about a Congress, who passed this in a day according to the diary, that most days couldn't get unanimous consent on a vote for the time of a lunch break. I just find the whole situation a little odd without this being laid out.

        You are so full of shit, I cannot believe it, who in the gov't do you work for?

        This fucking bill is on the President's desk.

        Can you deny that fact?

        Who voted for it?  No names given..

        Can you deny that fact?

        Come back when you have some kind of credibility, because the rest of us, are sick of it all.  

        Fact is Dog, we are sick of being treated like 'dogs' and we are sick of the 'thugs' that are now being allowed to turn Americans out of their homes, because Wall St./the Banks/the Lenders cannot unravel the bullshit scheme, they pulled on all of our country, and you know what?

        No one is buying it anymore.  We are sick off paying and paying and paying, again and again and again, when now, we are having to face, the same bullshit fucking 'cat commission, BP cover up, War Machine Profiteers, and and NAFTA sell us all down the fucking river, with the fake Health Care payoff and wall street payoff crap-ol-la seamless Corporate Vipers who are sucking us dry.  

        Good name for you: Dog Chains...that is where you really are..

        I pity you, but most Democrats, know where we were led by the Clintons and now Obama:

        This is a new day in our nation,

        Dog just do not get it at all...

        President Obama, signed on to the Goldman Sachs, the JP Morgan, the Greenspan/Bernanke Status Quo, and he turned his back on his base..

        And everyone that elected him....

        And that is exactly why we are facing the absolute worst candidates...the absolute worst..Mike Huckabees, and Sarah Palin, and Christen O'Donnell's we ever had.

        Why do you think there is such a deep back lash in this country?  You think it just happened out of no where?


        It happened because all American knew this one true thing:

        President Obama refused to deal with the
        deep corruption in our entire government.  The Democrats, like the Republicans have all been bought off, and are now being highly bought off by the Supreme Court.  

        We are in in a deep state of Oligarchy, and everyone in our nation knows this, don't you?

        Here is a clue the Shock Syndrome...maybe you will learn something..maybe you will not, but to tell you the truth, I don't give a shit.

        We are so all done in this nation, we are the newest third world country, and we got led here, because we let assholes, like Clinton and Obama, sell us all down the river.

        Who has a job?  No one.  Who got sold off...We all did.....where is the only job most of our young people can get?  The 'Silent Draft' in the MIC.  

        Get a grip Dog, you lost your nation a long time ago.

        Ms. B.

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