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View Diary: Attempted Death of a Democracy - Israel shoots itself.... (395 comments)

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  •  Thanks VB. Tipped and recced (16+ / 0-)

    Important story indeed. two comments:

    1. Unfortunately, the problem is not the particulars of which party in power. Three of Israel's 4 largest secular parties are in the government right now, and the fourth one (Kadima) objects only on tactical grounds. The main difference between this government and, say, Olmert's, is that now the masks of "democracy" and "moderation" have fallen.

    It has been a full decade now since Israel has undergone a radical personality change. One key aspect of this change is zero tolerance for any deviation from "Us Good, Palestinians Bad, it's either us or them"  party line. Take for example Bradley Burston, a favorite liberal columnist of yours, who just yesterday wrote asking dormant fellow progressives and liberals to help save the country:

    people who may describe themselves, or, without coming out to others, may know themselves to be, doves, peace activists, social democrats, Democrats, disenchanted former Meretz voters, disenchanted former Labor voters, disenchanted longtime non-voters, human rights activists, vegans, activist moderates, the ostracized Orthodox Jew, the ostracized Protestant, the broad-view Catholic, the proactive pro-social justice moderate, the anti-neocon, the girl or guy you just passed on the street in Israel. Me. You.

    And who are the bad guys?

    ...the pro-occupation right whipping Israel along the road that leads straight off a cliff, and the detest-Israel's-guts-as-a-philosophy-of-life extreme left, which sought to see the Jewish state, pretty much any Jewish state, go out of existence in any event.

    ...The success of the former, aided and abetted by the excess of the latter, has made the abyss all too tangible up ahead...

    Here's the problem. By accepting the right's definition of progressives as some demonic "self-hating Jews", Burston has left for himself in his searches for partners to save the nation, a potential audience composed of... the empty set.

    Those disenchanted Meretz and Labor voters who decided to do something - like me - are precisely the same people known in Israel as "the detest-Israel's-guts-as-a-philosophy-of-life extreme left". As long as even Burston doesn't get it, no shuffling of musical chairs on the deck of this Titanic's government will help.

    (comment #2 to follow)

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