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  •  well, and is this Orthodox Judaism that they woul (0+ / 0-)

    be pledging to? Because you know that they're the only real Jews in Israel.

    "Intolerance is something which belongs to the religions we have rejected." - J.J. Rousseau

    by James Allen on Thu Oct 07, 2010 at 12:46:00 AM PDT

    •  Interesting question. How do those not (0+ / 0-)

      Jewish in Israel under this oath deal with, ahem, The King's Torah and the allegations therein as to what the author of that thinks Jewish Law is when applied to non-Jews. The author may be an extremist in a rabidly extremist settlement, but he got at least some support of a sort for the accuracy of his position on the Law as reported in Ha'aretz and JP. I cite it here as a recent publication of the most extreme case, although the question is in part a bit more general, as well.

      If Israel is to be a Jewish state, how will that law the KT author cites interact with what I guess would be called secular law, in a "Jewish state"? Orthodox Jewish law plainly touches all those who are its adherents, but what happens when the non-adherents are not simply of a different doctrinal mind within the same faith, but not in that faith or that ethnicity at all, and are full citizens with supposedly equal rights to those of adherents? If there are issues with atheistic Russian immigrants, which there are, what about those outside the  Jewish ethnicity/faith wall entirely?  There was already defective reporting yesterday  here about a government ministry refusing to register Reform synagogues (I call the reporting defective because the headline refers to a court decision which isn't in the body of the story at all).

      Where is the line, if there is one, between being a 'Jewish State' in the words of this law, and a Jewish State under the law cited by that author of The King's Torah? Some of the conflicts are very obvious IMO. And it is the premise of states that all citizens are governed by the same law which works the same way on all of them, but absolutely not the premise of the author of The King's Torah. One of the many reasons I agree with Volley's concern is this sort of issue as concerns a "Jewish state."

      Perhaps if someone knows of it, that person can post the written addressing of this issue.

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