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  •  This article is an example of buyer's remorse (13+ / 0-)

    for a parallel, in the 50s and 60s, the US populace accepted the premise we were the protectors of the world democracies and that we must stem Communism where ever it reared its head. On this premise we slowly invested men and treasure into VN but by 1964, it slowly became evident we were going to be invested in the long term and by 1968 we knew it was a bad investment and by 1970, there was a growing feeling that we had to get out of the situation as it only represented a continuing drag on the US. Afghanistan today is a microcosm of that process today for the US.

    However the Israeli public faces a tremendous obstacle today in trying to rein in the settlement movement. Not only is it disproportionately politically potent in Israel, it is allied with the Christian Zionists in the US. In listening to such channels as the 700 Club and the NRB channel and CBN, it is obvious that Hagee is not alone in his goals.
    The goal of the Christian Zionists is the re-establishment of Greater Israel (though historically this is an uncertain concept) and the expulsion of the "barbaric hordes" (sorry but I am quoting) of Palestinians.
    The second goal is the return of all Jews to Israel. While at this point this reverse diaspora is mainly through financial incentives, I have to wonder what the Christian Zionists plan for Jews who do not wish to return.  Their dogma requires all Jews must return, no exceptions.
    Less clear is their requirement that at some point, all Jews (who are not allied with the AntiChrist) will convert to Christianity. It is somewhere between the return and the conversion that I begin to detect antisemitism among the Christian Zionists. I have to wonder if at some future point the settler movement will not regret its Faustian bargain with the Christian Zionists?    

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