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  •  No, there should be a fee. Right on all else (2+ / 0-)
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    Andrew Lazarus, BachFan

    If there's no fee and no tax, then who buys the fire trucks and equipment?  Who pays the firefighter's salary.  You can't be so naive as to expect all of these things to just be free.

    My problem with the firefighter's actions is that they allowed the neighbors house to burn down as well while they were "teaching the first guy a lesson".

    But also recognize, just like the cops are not required to actually save your life during a crime, firefighters are not actually required to save any one individual home.  The job of the cops and firemen is containment, to limit the damage to the overall community, and that's where they failed here.

    For the individual home, what if nobody had seen the fire start, and nobody had been there to call the fire department at all?  That's why everyone has insurance to rebuild.

    But I agree with you that the firefighters should have put out the fire first, then charged the fee and a fine high enough to convince any other stingy bastards to pay for the protection they demand to have be ever ready to act.

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