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    Leisure and hospitality, employment in food services and drinking places increased by 34,000.

    So that means the rich and upper middle class are still going on vacation and going out to eat and drink a lot?

    As those are where the jobs are and to a certain extent, some retail work.  As My husband works at Lowes and they always seem to be hiring as retail has a lot of turnover. Many of these jobs are non union and low wages. Hubby is lucky as Lowes has good benefits. However the benefits are not what they once were. We used to have great HMO health insurance with no deductibles and just copays.
    Now we have the deductible and copays . But then we have Geisinger insurance which the President praises as one of the best. I was trying to figure out why until I compared it to other insurances.
    Our 500 deductible per person or 1500 per family is good in comparison. But we live in an area where wages are low so 500 dollars is a fortune for us.
    But we do have a damn good prescription mail order is a pain but it is good.

    But yes, around here the ONLY jobs are food service and retail or for those with a highly specific skill set that requires much training and years of experience.

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