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  •  Dems (7+ / 0-)

    I think he's commenting on the spinelessness of dems in challenging the GOP on their BS.

    •  Re: Dems (0+ / 0-)

      The point is that advocating a government which reapportions wealth as it sees fit is counter to the liberal beliefs the US was founded upon.  Liberalism, from liber, or free, is about extending freedoms, not about self interested determinations on who should have what.  Trying to enforce such a paternalistic (read: Conservative) viewpoint based on what you consider fair is entirely counter to what our Founding Fathers established.

      What you are advocating is to move towards the European model.  Unfortunately, the European model has been an ostensible failure, and looks to be imploding in front of us.  In 1848, the year of the Manifesto's release, Europe was undeniably leader of the world in economics, politics, and military power.  Today, with the integration of many of the ideas in the Manifesto, Europe is far less important, and is drowning in a pool of debt and will soon be forced to cut many of their programs that promote income equality.  At the same time, the US, China (which can be directly traced to Westernization), and India have surpassed any European in importance, largely because of their embracing more Capitalistic principles.

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