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  •  Clinton is one of the reasons (1+ / 0-)
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    that the middle class is disappearing and the poor are being ground down.  AFDC was no social panacea but it was a damn sight better than TANF--but we can thank Clinton that we have the latter and not the former.  If he'd only held his nose and signed the bill it would have been one thing, but he touted it as some kind of fantastic social policy.  I have a friend whose husband committed suicide and she's left raising their son and when she went to stay with her mother to get back on her feet, and she got a job because that was a TANF requirement, guess how much her employer paid her?  Jack and squat.  Last I checked that's slavery. Slavery is illegal.  But under TANF guidelines in New York they're allowed to do that.  And they get tax breaks as it is--I don't see why they shouldn't pay recipients something.  I don't know if that rule also applies nationwide but I wouldn't be surprised.  And recipients can't even go to school, that doesn't count as "work hours."  (College isn't work?  Really?)

    Then there's the way Obama talks about using adoption as a way to reduce abortion.  Don't even get me started, I'm in touch with adoption reform activists and they roll their eyes every time this comes up.  Women who relinquish already decided abortion wasn't for them.  Many of them wanted to parent.  The solution for women who want to parent?  "Oh, too bad, you're not fit because you're broke.  NO OTHER REASON."

    What about people who wanted to stay in their homes rather than foreclose?  No help for them.  But oh boy we'll bail out the banks.  Why?  New banks get started all the time.  Loans can be sold to other banks.  It really is no big deal.  We really can survive without the massive multinationals.  Oddly, we've managed that for three million years' worth of human history.  What's so different now?

    I don't think everything Obama does is bad, but I'm tired of all this uncritical defense from Democratic supporters.  I thought this was supposed to be a representative democracy.  Well, they can't represent us if we don't tell them when they are screwing up.  Unquestioning followers make a dictatorship, not a democratic republic.  That's a lot of what's wrong with the Republicans!

    •  I'm definitely not unquestioning (0+ / 0-)

      I put out a pretty compelling scenario as have others as to what has been accomplished.  I agree with a lot of what you said, especially about the foreclosure crisis.  But Obama didn't start that crisis.  He didn't create the health care crisis.  He didn't lose two wars.  He didn't literally destroy the economy.  He's the guy hired to clean it all up and it is not easy.  Some of the things he's done have not been great, even infuriating.  Others have been remarkable, especially health care.  You're right to feel frustrated.  But you also feel exactly the way republicans want you to feel and they have expended a lot of energy and money to try and foster that emotion.  

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