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View Diary: Tales from the Larder: The Potato Edition, Part 1 (160 comments)

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  •  I'm making a gratin today (7+ / 0-)

    Sort of..., well OK it's more of a casserole. Thin-sliced potatoes, ham, bacon and sauerkraut. To go with my just-arrived-from-the-internet bratwurst and mini-kielbasas. Waiting for the hot-dog rolls to rise so I can bake everything in the same preheated oven.

    I'm starving!!!

    •  Can't wait! Snacking on Liederkranz (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      MA Liberal, mjbleo, Patric Juillet

      a semi-soft cheese that I learned to love as a child, but which has been unavailable since about 1985 (culture contaminated, it was thought to be lost forever). They were trying to make Limburger in America, but they got something unique.

      Now it's back (and I ordered 2 chunks from the Wursthaus). Almost as scrumptious as my memory with saltines, thin-sliced onion and mustard.

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