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View Diary: Hiking in the Green Mountains {A photo Earthship} (40 comments)

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  •  Keeping off the trails in spring is important.. (5+ / 0-)

    ...because people slogging through mud means that later the trails will harden into lumpy obstacle courses. Also, it's really bad on plants.  

    I've been nurturing the wooded areas on our land, trying to get rid of as many exotic invasives as possible, and encouraging native plants to recolonize.  Some clueless new neighbors, unaware of the boundary lines (because they didn't look) were slogging around in there, dragging out wet wood.  I about had a coronary.  The absolute worst time to slog around is while the snow is melting, or just after, and before the ground has hardened.  Especially hard on alpine plants.

    If you live in, or plan to visit Vermont and are interested in native plants, I highly recommend "Wildflowers of Vermont" and "Shrubs and Vines of Vermont" by Kate Carter.  Both books are pocket sized, and chock full of color photographs.

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